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August 2, 2016


Dear Skyliners,


We'll be out again this week regular times: Wednesday at 4:30pm and Sunday at 9:30 am.  Tomorrow, we will meet at the Steam Trains parking lot, as we will be working on removing Scattergrass (Erharta erecta) from woodland areas.


Please let me know if you can make it.


We've had some exciting wildlife sightings recently on the trail.  I saw an Alameda Whipsnake, a Federally listed rare species.  Margaret got this photo of a Bobcat who she first saw on the trail south of the trail about 50 yards before the Big Rock.  Then the cat hopped onto a log 10 feet below the trail and Margaret got this picture. Thanks for being so quick:

On Friday, we found this beautiful emerald beetle in the grass - on the ridge  south of Barberry Peak.  This creature is about 3/4" long.  Anyone have any idea about the ID? Check out the beaded antennae...

I found this bird's next on the north slope woods of Barberry Peak.  This is a Junco's nest.  They are ground nesters.  Hats's off to the ground nesters; that's one creature I would not relish being, but somehow they pull it off: 

Lastly, here's a salute to the Burr chervil team.  No, this is not a swarm of insects.  It is Mike's glove, covered with seeds of Burr chervil (Torilis arvensis), sometimes known as Sock Destroyer.  Once we get our gloves completely covered like this, we are free because no more can stick to us.  

That's it for tonight,


Happy Trails,


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