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What Grows Near You?


Discover what native plants grow in your zipcode. Learn what the plant needs to thrive and what birds, butterflies, moths and other insects and wildlife you can support by growing them.


Native Here Nursery

Want to go Native in your own garden? Visit Native Here Nursery , a non-profit nursery with locally sourced plants grown from seed  or cuttings collected in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Located in Tilden Park across from the entrance to the Tilden Golf Course.  They are also always looking for volunteers.


Native pollinator garden 

Pollinator Partnership has created a helpful handbook with a list of California Coastal pollinators and the plants that attract them for the Bay area! Read up on what shapes and colors of  native plants can attract bees or butterflies, birds and bugs, and more!

Pollinator partnership.png
California Native Plant Society

See what upcoming classes they have to offer around Native Gardens.

Bring Back the Natives 


Need garden inspiration? Visit the online site celebrating a Bay Area Yearly tour of Native Local Gardens along with other gardening resources.

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