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Plants  along Skyline Trail

wildflowers page
Skyline Gardens native plant list

Peruse the list of 276 native plants by name that have been  found along the trail and in the surrounding area. Or check out the photos below to help identify what you see.
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plant list photo.png
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White Flowers

Red, Orange and Yellow Flowers

Purple, Blue and Pink Flowers

white flower
Red,Orange and Yellow Flowers
Blue, Purple and Pink Flowers
Woody plants
Woody plants (trees and shrubs)



Grasses & Grass-like

Umbellularia californica California Bay.
Pentagramma triangularis subsp. triangul
unknown grass.jpeg

Exotic plants (introduced to the area,non-native)

Some of these plants live in relative peace with the native flora while others can dominate if allowed to grow uninhibited. These aggressive plants are labelled invasive. 

East Bay Regional Parks Wildflower Guide

Use this site to help identify flowering plants on the trail using photos, They are organized by color as well as by scientific name.
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