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May 15, 2018

Dear Skyliners,


Last week, a big group of us completely cleared the thistles from the upper reaches of the big bowl below Water Tank Road.  And on Sunday, we pulled out the last of the big-seeded (bad) grass heads from the terraces of Barberry Peak.  Welcome to Greg and Ken-ichi; welcome back to Robin.


This week, we hope to finish the thistles below the long stretch of Water Tank Road.  And, we need to mow down the Spurge (Euphorbia oblongata) which is surging this year on the slope above the Reservoir.  On Sunday, we'll be back to mopping up grasses on the slope below the Magic Gates.


Since there's so much to do, we're putting on a special Thursday section this week.  So it's Wednesday and Thursday, 3pm to sunset; and, Sunday 9:30 to 1.  Please let me know if you can make it.


We've got a couple of photos from last week that show the heart of what we've accomplished.  The first is from the west face of the terraces approaching Barberry Peak:

Last year, this pocket was a snarl of Italian Thistle, Star Thistle, Wild Oats, and more.  We planted nothing here, just removed the invasives.  Now Poppies, rocks, Melic, and Phacelia can 'mingle, merge, and marry' - unvexed and free. (Cynthia's photo).


And this from the cap of the Peak:

We cleared this area one year ago.  June Grass, center, is waving her fuzzy candle flames in afternoon sunlight.  And all around, Soap Root are sending and weaving their spikes. They are just going crazy this year.  The first flower bloomed last night.  


Happy Trails,



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