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Red, Orange and Yellow Flower Identification

4 petals silhouette.png

4 Petals

Eschscholzia californica-California Poppy
(Poppy Family)

Turritis glabra-        Tower Mustard
(Mustard Family)

silhouette 5 petals.png

5 Petals

Marah fabacea-        California Manroot
(Gourd Family)

Aqulegia formosa-      Western Columbine
(Buttercup Family)

silhouette compositea.png


Ranunculus californicus var. californicus-              Buttercup
(Buttercup Family)

Wyethia hellenoides-    Woolly Mules ears
(Aster Family)

Heterotheca sessiflora-Golden aster
(Aster Family)

Madia elegans  - Common Madia
(Aster Family)

Madia sativea-        Coastal Tarweed
(Aster Family)

Madia gracilis-      Graceful Tarweed
(Aster Family)

Solidago californica-Goldenrod
(Aster Family)

profile poppy.jpeg
turritis. glabra tower mustard jpeg.jpeg
Marah fabacea flowers 3.jpeg
toner columbine.jpg
Wyethia helenoides close 2016 - 1.jpeg
golden aster.jpeg
madia elegans.jpeg
Coast tarweed.jpg
Madia gracilis.jpeg
Solidato californica California goldenrod close up.jpg

Agoseris grandiflora-    Giant Native Dandelion
(Aster Family)

Agoseris grandiflora flower.jpeg

Matricaria discoidea-Pineapple weed
(Aster Family)

Matricaria discoidea.jpg

Senecio aronicoides-     Wooly butterweed
(Aster Family)

Senecio aronicoides flowers.jpeg

Eriophyllum confertiflorum-  Golden Yarrow
(Aster Family)

Eriophyllum confertiflorum closeup.jpeg

Lomatrium urtriculatum-  Hog fennel
(Parlsey Family)

biscuit flowers.jpg

Uropappus lindleyi-Silverpuffs
(Aster Family)

Uropappus lindleyi_ - 1.jpeg

Sanicula crassicaulus- Pacific sanicle
(Parsley Family)

Sanicula crassicaulis copy.jpg

Irregular fused

Castilleja affinis-
Common Indian Paintbrush
(Broomrape Family)

bright red.jpeg

Castilleja foliolosa-Wooly Paintbrush
(Broomrape Family)

Castileja foliosa Skyline March 12 2018 - 1.jpg

Corallorhiza maculata-Spotted Coralroot
(Orchid Family)

Corolasrhiza close 2016 - 1.jpg

Regular fused

Epilobium canum-California Fuschia
(Evening Primrose Family)

Amsinckia menziesii-Fiddleneck
(Borage Family)

Diplacus aurantiacus-
Sticky Monkey Flower
(Lopseed Family)

Mimulus aurantiacus.jpg
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