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3 petals silhoutte.png

3 petals

Calochortus umbellatus-Oakland Mariposa lily
(Lily Family)

Calochortus on skyline.jpg

Calochortus venustus-Butterfly Mariposa Lily
(Lily Family)

Calochortus venustus copy.jpeg
4 petals silhouette.png

4 petals

Cardamine californica-Milk Maids
(Mustard Family)

silhouette 5 petals.png

5 Petals

Nemophila heterophylla-Small Baby Blue Eyes
(Borage Family)

Nemophila heterophylla  2.jpg

Plagiobothrys nothofulvus-Popcorn flower
(Borage Family)

plagiobothrys .jpeg

Plagiobothrys humistratus-Mini  Popcorn flower
(Borage Family)

mini popcorn in situ.jpg

Fragaria vesca- Woodland Strawberry
(Rose Family)

Fragaria vesca-wild strawberry.JPG

Lithophragma affine-Woodland star
(Saxifrage Family)

woodland star.jpeg

Micranthes californica- California Saxifrage
(Saxifrage Family)


Marah oreganus-Coastal Manroot
(Gourd Family)

marah oreganus.jpg

5 fused Petals

Calystegia subacaulus-Hill Morning Glory
(Bindweed Family)

silhouette 6 petals.png

6 Petals

Chloragalum pomderidianus-
Soap root
(Lily Family)

mbus vosnesenskii Yellow faced bumblebee.jpg

Toxicodiscordia fremontii-   Star Lily
(Lily Family)

silhouette compositea.png


Symphyotrichum chilensis-Pacific Aster
(Aster Family)

aster radulinus.jpeg

Pseudognaphalium californicum-Pearly everlasting
(Aster Family)

Pseudognaphalium californicum pearly everlasting white flower skyline trail.jpg


Perideridia kellogii-
(Parsley Family)

Perideridia kellogii - 1.jpg

Heracleum maximum-      Cow Parsnip
(Parsley Family)

Heracleum maximum.jpg

Conium maculatum-Wild Hemlock (invasive)
(Parsley Family)

Conium maculatum wild hemlock flower.jpg
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